Enough with the F-word! It’s killing your career.

You see it all the time. You know a friend is having a rough time. Work gets stressful, tensions are high, you try to reach out to help, offer a hand, and what are you greeted with? The F-word.


Is there a more deflating white flag of truce than “fine”? How was your day? Fine. How was work? Fine. How are you? Fine. Flat. Easy. False.


When is the last time that you were fine? Today? Yesterday?

How were you really? Fine? Or maybe frustrated? Pissed off? Throwing up your hands in defeat? But your answer was “fine” because you didn’t really want to share. It was complicated, messy, too much effort. Fine.

So, you choose to tread water not moving forward but not sinking either. You hide behind “fine.” It’s less taxing. That’s why so many people do it. Push away the problems, ignore the difficult questions, drift through a career, not incredibly happy, but not particularly uncomfortable either. A good C+. Fine.

But it’s time to ask yourself: Are you really happy with a good C+? Is that what you want? The next time you look around and realize maybe your job isn’t enough, not challenging enough, not rewarding enough, not meaningful enough, take a hard look. Is it fine? Is fine the life you want to live? Or is this one life you get worth a little bit more?

To get beyond fine, you need to take the time, do the hard work of looking inside to understand what you’re good at, what matters to you, what makes your eyes light up, and then to really explore what that means in terms of your career. You might be surprised to learn how much more than fine it could be.

You see, there truly is no substitute for knowing yourself deeply and profoundly, for understanding what you want, for enabling you to pursue your life’s mission, for achieving the extraordinary, for being happier. It’s not an easy exercise, that’s what makes fine just fine for too many people.

So you have to ask yourself, is that fine with you?