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Attention New Grads: Nobody Cares!
As a new graduate, no doubt you are awash in congratulations and good wishes. Whether it’s high school or college, you’ve attained a significant goal. The props are well deserved. — Continue Reading —

Say What You Want Already!
I can’t look at my newsfeed without seeing a story on Millennials and their commitment to meaningful careers. Surveys say that as a group, Millennials believe the ultimate goal of businesses should be to do good in the world. They want something more from a job, a higher purpose. But they also seem very frustrated. From my perspective, the really frustrating thing is that a lot of Millennials aren’t doing a good job of saying what it is they want out of life. — Continue Reading —

Enough with the F-word! It’s killing your career.
You see it all the time. You know a friend is having a rough time. Work gets stressful, tensions are high, you try to reach out to help, offer a hand, and what are you greeted with? The F-word. — Continue Reading —

It’s Your Story: Tell It! (Or Someone Else Will)
We live in the moment of the storyteller. Across the spectrum, businesses are focused on finding ways to articulate their unique value in a way that is emotive, relatable, memorable. As marketing leaders better understand the cumulative effect of stories well told, it’s high time to leverage the power of effective storytelling for our personal benefit as well. — Continue Reading —

What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?
Man, people have been asking you that since you were three, haven’t they?Well, let me be the one to break it to you—they won’t ever stop. Sure the question will sound different at different times in your life. Where do you want to work? Where do you see yourself in five years? What’s your life plan? But they all really mean the same thing, don’t they? — Continue Reading —

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“I had a high school teacher in San Francisco who told me to become a journalist. So that’s what I did. Crazy simple. But for those not so lucky, or those itching for a second career or purpose in life, Todd Putman’s Be More is a godsend. As he writes in this most powerful guide you’ll ever read: Time to unclip. Reach. And find the story you’re born to tell.”
–Michael Moss, New York Times best-selling author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist

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