Why read BE MORE?


Because you want a career that’s meaningful so you can make a difference.

Because you’ve heard it over and over again—follow your passion—but no one gets that it’s not that simple.

Because you know you want something more… even if you can’t quite say what that is.

Do you want more out of life?

Then it’s time to read BE MORE and begin to work toward exactly what getting more out of life means to you.

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What people are saying about BE MORE

“Be More embodies my belief in servant leadership. It provides practical, strategic lessons that can help empower people to unleash their fullest potential and create the careers they crave. When employees understand their own strengths and values, and have the courage to voice their dreams, then leaders can provide guidance and growth opportunities that help turn those dreams into reality – and everybody wins.”

Denise Morrison, President & CEO, Campbell Soup Company



“I had a high school teacher in San Francisco who told me to become a journalist. So that’s what I did. Crazy simple. But for those not so lucky, or for those itching for a second career or purpose in life, Todd Putman’s Be More is a godsend. As he writes in this most powerful guide you’ll ever read: Time to unclip. Reach. And find the story you are born to tell.”

Michael Moss, New York Times bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist



“If you don’t think you have a story, then think again and plunge yourself into Be More. When you finish, you will be ready to take control of where you want to go and even more, have others want to help your story end just the way you have always dreamed.”

Rusty Rueff, The Kennedy Center President’s Advisory Committee for the Arts; Chairman Emeritus The GRAMMY Foundation, Board Member Glassdoor



“A sprightly read on finding a career that aligns your skills, values, and passions.”

Adam Grant, Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take


“Too often, people struggle because they don’t know what they really want. Todd Putman has helped us all with this wonderfully readable book on how to know yourself, learn what you want, and then launch yourself in the right direction.”

Tom Farley, Executive Director, The Public Good Projects



“A must read for anyone early in their career trying to find their way, and it’s a good reminder for the rest of us that there’s always room for more. I highly recommend Be More for anyone looking to find greater fulfillment in their professional life.”

John Hoffman, Executive Vice President, Documentaries and Specials, Discovery Channel


Be More guides you through a series of revealing questions that cut to the core of who you are. In that truth is the juice, the power that unlocks everything. Be More is as much a transformative business book as it is a spiritual journey toward the fulfillment and joy we all seek out of life.”

Lucas Donat, CEO, tinyREBELLION


“Be More is a catalyst for learning more about yourself and helping you develop a plan and vision to live the life you want to live. It’s a must read for anyone thinking about what’s next.”

Shawn Parr, The Guvner & CEO Bulldog Drummond, Practicing Uncommon Sense


Be More brings unvarnished truth with a sense of humor and allows Todd to connect with readers who desire more control over their careers.”

Jeff Dunn, President, Campbell Fresh


“Some people still believe there’s a methodical path to success that can be followed. Be More blows that path to hell and will set you on a much more fulfilling course.”

John Palumbo, Founder of BigHeads Network

“By authoring Be More, Todd has made it possible for anyone to access the thinking and tools he’s used to guide countless people through this process. Don’t expect to read it and be done, this involves some hard work and deep introspection, but if you see the process through, you’ll have a clear set of criteria to help you find out how you can Be More.”

Doug Worple, Founder and Chairman of Barefoot Proximity, a BBDO Company

“An excellent resource if you’re ready to own your story, and your future.”

David Rich, Managing Partner, Twig Lane Group

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